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We enable our customers to get their IT going. We provide IT guidance and room to do their work.

Solution Design

Solutions needs to grow and change. We design solutions that work today and take into account the path you are taking.


We develop solutions. Alone or in close cooperation with your team or other professionals.


We build roadmaps and align them to your business goals and milestones. We can plan and manage your IT resources.

Looking forward to hear from you!

What is your quest? How does IT fit in? And are you ready to start the engine and make IT delightful?.

Gerrit Verhaar

solution builder

I like to dig in deep. To understand your solutions at full depth and width. My specialty is to understand the big picture and connect it to all the details, to connect it to your business goals. I am a boundary spanner. I understand many languages, frameworks, tools, processes. And I know when it’s time to assign specialists. I’ll put them to work and make sure they integrate with the bigger picture.



We have used the framework to build many backend platform solutions
supporting dynamic web/mobile apps



the toolset for web development
used to build attractive UI's



We build, use and integrate API's
We build integrated solutions.



Computing power at it's best
We use it to build elegant solutions that need power.

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We build solutions. IT solutions that delight, because they are fit for purpose!

Becoming successful is hard work and we like it. We like to connect with you and your team, your current tools, your current challenges. We like to deliver. To build components that immediately help, while taking the time to understand your quest.

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